We captured some spur-of-the-moment footage at a recent Professional Women in Building (PWB) event and decided to collaborate to create a video for their service project for YSS. YSS's mission is to create hope and opportunity by putting kids first, offering education to build healthy minds and bodies; counseling to overcome life’s challenges; and stability to focus on the future. Their downtown Des Moines location provides a safe haven for kids after school and includes a room filled with donated items where these same young adults can "shop" for free. Unfortunately, the entire facility is in need of repairs, especially in this basement shop area. The members of Professional Women in Building are using their design and build skills to donate services and materials over the next few years toward renovation of the downtown Des Moines YSS campus. This project was filmed on an iPhone when the YSS Director began giving an unexpected heartfelt speech. Though not Studio Process's typical equipment lineup, it is surely a great example of "the best camera is the one you have currently in your hand!" See the edited video below.
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