Schabel Solutions came to us to capture the celebration of their 5-year anniversary as a Diversity Equity and Inclusion consulting firm. But right from the get-go, we knew our collaboration needed to go further than simply documenting a great party to thank their clients and friends. Studio Process put video strategy first and foremost to create a package for Schabel Solutions that encapsulated everything to tell their complete story. On the evening of the celebration, we coordinated with guests to film testimonials in addition to capturing the essence of the event and the President and CEO, Claudia Schabel's speaking presentation.

Then Studio Process dove into the editing bay (where we truly believe so much of the magic happens) to make the most of this one-day shoot. We made their investment in video storytelling go well beyond one evening's event, by crafting a series of 5 complete videos to be spread across LinkedIn, social media, and their website.The first and longest video not only highlights the event, but shares the meaningful impact behind the work DEI work driven by Schabel Solution's mission through guest testimonials.

From there, we broke out each guest's testimonial into a standalone video to create 3 additional videos, plus we shortened the original video to highlight just the event itself. Here's the first video in the series. Check out all 5 to see the full Studio Process.

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